Stalled But Not For Long

For the first time since October, I feel disappointed with my weight loss. I have stayed the same for two weeks now, and it’s my own fault. Instead of doing what I was supposed to according to Weight Watchers, I reverted to my old ways. I didn’t exercise at all save what I did at work, which is not enough. I ate more than I should have because I didn’t measure and track what I ate. I didn’t eat veggies.  OK, you get the picture now? It’s not pretty. BUT, it can be fixed starting today.

Now while I know what I did to cause the plateau, I went looking for more info anyway to see if there are things I can do now or in the future.  What I found was comforting. This is extremely common during weight-loss. And the reasons are primarily lack of exercise and too many calories. Nothing earth-shattering about that. But it’s easy to reverse by  tracking what I eat, tracking my activity, planning my meals, and staying away from convenience foods.

For some inspiration see:

WebMD –

MayoClinic –

Weight Watchers –


Have you experienced a plateau? Tell me about it and share with others what worked or didn’t work for you.


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