Creativity, Midlife and Loving Yourself

Bluebirds 2011

One of my favorite authors is Julia Cameron and she writes extensively about creativity and spirituality. A very compelling writer, she makes you think about what you are doing and how you are part of a creative process both individually and as part of the world at large. Her writing has led to many creative people reaching their dreams and doing what they were meant to do. I tried to do the exercises she prescribed…several times over the years, and while I believed in her writing, I could never actually do what is outlined in the Artists Way. Now, I look back and see that I didn’t allow myself to do it. I never gave myself permission to let the creativity flow… To let the dreams come forth. I never gave myself permission to be an artist or a writer.




Now  at what is considered to be mid-life and I am looking forward, not back. And I am embracing so many things that I couldn’t when I was younger, for a lot of reasons. And today, I give myself permission to be both artist and writer. I can do both without grandiose arrangements, without degrees and without fanfare. I give myself permission to pursue dreams and I am doing the things I need to do to make those dreams come true. And Cameron is a big part of that. I am  doing the exercises in the Artists Way for my creativity, and I am  doing the same in The Prosperous Heart which is for your financial life.


Losing Weight


I am finally giving myself permission to lose weight as a part of this process. Tackling the intricate issues that have led to my present size. Becoming the woman I am meant to be in this half of my life. I am doing the things I have thought about doing all my life but have made excuses not to do. Completing baby steps till I get it done. So each day I make the decisions that lead me closer to my goal.  I use my creativity all the time now…seeking out recipes, cooking, approaching the day, setting up this blog. And it all feels right. Synchronicity is what I wanted when I was younger, but wasn’t meant to have until now.


Self – Love


This process is a way of loving one’s self. To become the person you are meant to be. To live healthfully. To live mind fully. It makes me cringe when I think of how much time has passed with me not loving or taking care of myself. In fact I will go so far as to say I hate myself. I use the present tense because I haven’t overcome this yet. It’s a work in progress. Every step I take is one that leads away from self-loathing and towards a healthy self-esteem. Each day I am closer to my goal in pounds, yes, but I am also closer to embracing myself completely. It is with the help of my support system and the guidance of authors like Cameron that I can accomplish these goals.



3 thoughts on “Creativity, Midlife and Loving Yourself

  1. Thanks for the pingback. Yes, it takes some persistence to do Cameron’s 12 weeks program. But it opens up your mind and connects you with your creative sources in a very strong way. At least it did so for me. I wish you success with the process. Great read.

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