Gaining While Losing

I have put off this post because I don’t want to face it. No, I didn’t plateau this past week, I gained. Two pounds. Now I know this is a normal part of the weight-loss process and journey, but that knowledge doesn’t make me feel any better about it. I looked over last week and I realize it was caused by several factors; I ate out a lot, I ate beef out, I didn’t exercise enough, I may not have measured my portions the way I should when I ate at home. So, I have been nursing my disappointment and avoiding the blank page was one of the things I did as a result.

With each set-back, be it gaining or plateauing I am renewing my committment to the program and to the goal, pushing forward, revising my plan, doing the next right step and looking forward to Sunday and a change in the scale. You do have to be vigilant on the journey and not fall into a complacency rut. I was beginning to think that this was so easy, and I stopped being hyper-vigilant about my daily interaction with food. Following through on things is new to me. In the past, I was good at starting things, but never really stuck to the plan of whatever I was doing to finish it.  This is a plan I have to follow through on all day long, since I can slip easily.

If you are experiencing the same things in your journey, or you know of someone who is, let me know. I would love to get some insight and shared experiences about this. I promise the next post will be more positive and informative.




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