All Who Are Following My Blog

I thought I had said this but I haven’t yet: Welcome! Thanks for signing up and joining me on this journey. I love having you here.

To those reading on the fly, stay awhile and share your story, or insight, or encouragement (I find I’m needing that lately!)

Take care,



7 thoughts on “All Who Are Following My Blog

    • I really like your blog…I think it’ll be fun following each other’s journeys. When you do morning pages, do you find them easy or hard to do? I’m finding them very challenging, despite my desire to do them and the transformative effect they have on my life. Any thoughts?

  1. Found you at Woman Wielding Words. Yours is a spectacular journey which I am so proud to applaud. Encourage. Support. Pray for. Cheer. A life spent with daily awareness about the body it is contained in is demanding and daunting. To embark on it deserves a badge for courage. Blog away, darlin’, I can so easily believe in you.

  2. I think you are doing a fantastic job, Monique. I’m so proud of you! Please don’t expect perfection from yourself since that’s something noe of us can acheive. Some days will be better than others and that’s okay. You’ve committed to the weight loss, found a program to follow that you click with and started this blog…I’d say you’re doing fantastic and we’re only 1 month into 2012.

    Keep up the good work, I’m rooting for you and applauding you!

    • Thanks so much! It feels like I’ve been doing this longer than I have. Today has been my busiest traffic day so far. I like sharing this journey with the world. Your support really matters…

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