Five Things To Do While Breaking A Plateau

What I thought would be a one week situation is now spanning several weeks. I am trying not to obsess over it, and time is moving slow till Sunday’s weigh in. Now I’m a patient person, but this is getting on my last nerve. So, how am I passing the time? Here are the highlights:

1. Move A Room: I  re-arranged my studio/workspace. Originally I thought I would be spending money on my office this year because the space wasn’t working on many levels. But what I did instead was really look at what I was working with and re-purposed almost everything in the room. The results are perfect for what I do there, and better than it would have been had I spent the money. Now the room feels good, re-energized and as my sister would say, full of good Chi.

2. Take Pictures: Here are me and the studio. I’ll be taking pics of me every fifty pounds, or when there’s change. God, these are horrifying! The studio I’m really proud of and wanted to share with you.

3.  Exercise: I finally broke through the block against working out. Now it’s easier and something I’m feeling good about doing. I’ve been hopping on the bike for half hour increments while watching TV. (I know you shouldn’t watch TV, but I’ll admit to be a addict. But no reality shows. Does that redeem me in your eyes?)

4. Organize Something:  I have a list of projects I’ve been procrastinating taking action on. One of them was a large financial project involving receipts and reports. I’ve completed the receipts and now am ready to do the reports. Next will be the lesser areas that need some re-organization. It’s very freeing and energizing to get these things done.

5. Research: Writing and Art: A blog takes work to keep up. You have to read what other people are doing. You have to reach out to others and hopefully increase your readership and awareness of your existance. You have to research topics to write about. You have to write, alot. All of which I enjoy doing. You have to to make your blog grow and be something people want to follow. I am very focused on this and am devoting a lot of time to it. As for my art, I draw from pictures and I have to look for interesting pictures to draw from.

Making good use of my time, but the clock is moving slow and the days are just dragging. Maybe you have some thoughts on things to do while waiting? Share them here. I’d love to get your input.


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