At Last (not a tribute to Etta James)

2 Pounds! I never thought I’d be so happy about 2 pounds of anything.  I’m back to losing again and it feels great. Thanks for reading and for checking in.

My Mom asked me what I want to get out of writing this blog and while I have many reasons for writing it, the best is that this makes losing the weight very public.  It’s a pressure that will see me get this done. For decades, I fought my battles with food and weight privately and  look where it got me. Now it’s time for a public forum. There’s no turning back now. So if I’m on Weight Watchers, why don’t I just go to a meeting you may ask? I tried the meetings and sadly I’ve never felt so isolated in my life. No one talked to me and it seemed like everyone there was with friends. I hated the weigh ins.  Even though I write in solitude, I don’t feel lonely here. And my weigh ins are private moments that I choose to share with others. I guess this is a commentary about real world vs cyber world. Too deep for me to delve into.

In the near future you can expect to see an article (or articles depending on breadth of research) on emotional eating and another on food addiction.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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