I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m working on The Prosperous Heart by Julia Cameron (Link Below) and she talks about doing things that make you feel a sense of abundance. One thing that makes me feel that way is cooking. A couple of times a month, I have “Kitchen Days” where I go in and make several dishes at once, then divide them into portions and stock the freezer and fridge with homemade convenience food. And when I open up the refrigerator door and see my plasticware portions I feel very prosperous. In the past, I would stock the fridge with convenience foods from the store and I never felt the same way when I opened  it to get dinner.  And the result at the end of the month was weight gain, not loss. You can see some of the recipes I make on my recipe pages.

Julia is the queen of creativity, and that’s because what she recommends works. It’s only been a few weeks and already I’m spending less and feeling better about it and like my weight-loss, I don’t feel deprived of anything. She cites money troubles as a spiritual problem, and I would say she is right. By focusing attention and action onto a spiritual bent, I have found a new sense of calm, of purpose. I’ve tried to manage money without success in the past. Like my weight problem, my money troubles evaded control, until now. I can hardly wait to see what the results will be at the end of the twelve weeks it takes to complete the books course.

Throughout the day, the house has been filled with the smells of wonderful spices, fragrant onions and garlic. I am filled with gratitude at my good fortune for being able to afford the food that is cooking. Without eating a bite, I feel full. I have a sense of appreciative well-being that has never really been present in my life. Yes, Julia knows what she’s doing writing her books on creativity and money and I’m grateful to have discovered her.





Prosperous Heart



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