I lost again this week. A pound. Not as much as I would have liked, but a loss nonetheless. Weight Watchers supports slow loss and discourages rapid loss as it won’t be sustainable. I want this weight off permanently, so slow is good. So, whats the plan for this week? Biking four times and one walk…on the beach. Continued tracking and not eating out. (I ate out last week. Stayed within point range but think that it ould have been more of a loss without that meal out.) So it’s 33 lbs gone.

As for my I Pad, there are rumours that Apple is coming up with a 7 in screen on the I Pad3. And there are rumours that Amazon is coming out with a 9in Kindle. Who knows what will be available by the time I get to have mine.

Bella story: She turned off my light on the desk! Her nail hooked on the chain just right and she pulled and turned the light off. Does anybody know anything about training cats? It would be really energy-efficient if she would  turn off the light when we leave the room, as I always forget!

Thanks for your support everyone…


2 thoughts on “Again

  1. Congratulations on losing this week!!! Great job!!!! I have to agree with WW and the slow-loss thing. I once lost 60 pounds on the Atkins diet, in 4 months. Um, it did NOT last. WW, however, did last. I lost 40 pounds on that and have kept it off. SO, I’m very happy and very proud of you for recognizing your accomplishments! Not a lot of us can do that. Bravo!!!!!

    Bella is beautiful. I love kitties. I have 2, but no clue as to how to train them to turn lights off, LOL! Wouldn’t that be great?

    Have a great week dear, and again, congratulations!!

    • Thanks for your support! Yes, WW is the way to go. Congrats on your loss and keeping it off…that’s the real challenge. I once lost 80 lbs in 8 months on a no carb no sugar diet. Ate carbs one day and it was no stopping till I hit 300 lbs. So, doing it healthfully and permenantly are very important to me.
      Thanks for commenting! Love your blog.

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