Columbian Nirvana

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We all have our rituals…sacred actions that provide a measure of calm, routine, or link to the Divine. My rituals are being changed due to my weight-loss. Gone are the diet sodas that would provide little moments of bubbly optimism throughout the day. Gone are the sugary deserts that punctuated the week. Now there is flavored water,  and exercise, and home cooked dinners…new rituals making a new life. But one ritual remains, unchanged and indeed sacred. Coffee. Two cups. Daily.


There was a time when I would drink my treasured elixir throughout the day, but I curtailed that practice years ago and relegated my consumption of Columbian imported caffeine to the morning and to two cups. Each day, at 5:30 I move through the still and silent house to the welcoming light of the kitchen where I fire up the Keurig machine. I measure the fragrant grounds just so, I pour filtered water in, and press the magical buttons that will provide me with all that is holy in the morning light. It is hot, steaming and fragrant, the smell permeating the small kitchen and pushing aside any remnants of groggy sleep and dreams. The creamer and sugar are indulgent and as vital to the finished product as the beans are. This ritual shall prevail, no matter what happens with my weight-loss.  I allocate precious points to it daily, never substituting lo-cal anything as it is simply not the same and not the treasured experience I seek out before all else.


I’ve tried an infinite variety of beans and roasts, but have settled for 100% Columbian. The brands can vary, as the coffee’s in my grocery store are pretty close in quality. I grind the beans in the store, breathing deep and heavy, careful to avoid the shoppers as they might misinterpret my exhuberance…afterall, no one should become this excited by the smell of anything, let alone a bean.  I will buy more on sale and store the bags in the freezer, prices being what they are today.


So it goes each morning, a soft introduction into a harsh world of demands and surprises and endless to-do lists. Did I say earlier that rituals are links to the Divine? Why yes I did and yes, I think this is a small prayer each morning that wafts up into the ether along with hopes and dreams for the coming day.









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