Mirrors and Plans

I haven’t written much because I’ve been sick and I don’t do sick well. Now, I do go to the doctor and I do take my meds, but I also get very grumpy and down when I’m sick. I don’t adhere to my Weight Watcher Plan like I should either. So the cookies were a bad choice, as was the candy, and the lack of measuring of my Chicken and Rice Stew was not a good choice so I was fully expecting a gain this past week. Lo and behold I lost a pound! Total 37.6 lbs. Confirming again that this is the plan for me. I could be a normal person and still stay on track.

I decided to stop hiding from the mirror and look at myself to see if I could see where the weight was actually coming off since I still can’t get into a size smaller pant. The answer would be my chest and upper body. Today I go for new lingerie. TMI? Maybe, but at least I’m keeping it real. I did put on a new shirt yesterday that is smaller than what I’ve ben wearing, but the size on the shirt is a size bigger than what I’m wearing . This manufacturer doesn’t believe in vanity sizing and has really small models in their studio. People are commenting on the loss now, and while they say they can see it, I have to say I still don’t feel it, except for the new shirt.

This week I’ve planned and programmed into my calendar more exercise than in weeks prior. Let’s see if I carry out the plans. Should be a great week if I do.


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