A Respite

I went to my sister’s house for a little get-a-way this week. It’s great having her  close-by as opposed to when she lived 1500 miles away. We went out to eat…Japanese one day, Mexican the next. Both were outstanding If I’m not going to stay on plan by eating out, I want the experience to be memorable. These were. Both were dishes I wouldn’t make at home, or if I did, they wouldn’t be as good as these authentic ones were. That is my criteria for eating out; something I don’t have at home. The Japanese was chicken and shrimp hibachi style and the mexican was chicken en mole. Just outstanding. Now to find a mole recipe I can do at home.

We went exploring using my sisters golf cart.  I am starting to research living situations for the future after I turn 55 and found my solution where she lives. It will involve a major lifestyle change on my part, but I think it is doable and has given me a goal to work towards financially. We will continue researching the area and keeping an eye on the real estate market in the price range I can afford. But I am heartened to know that I will eventually be living near her, and not an hour away.

At my job they’ve announced that hours may be cut in the future and this has me investigating new sources of income. I have found a viable option for replacing the eventual loss of income by writing for the internet. I’ve only just started, but I see great potential for an income source with this. All-in-all it’s been a good month of research yielding options for my future.

Today it’s back on the bike and there is where I need to be for the remainder of the week. That sounds like I’m going to be on it without break, but you know what I mean.

My first recipe from “Ms Skinny Slow Cooker Cookbook” is coming this week. Until then, take care and keep smiling.


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