AWOL No More

First, let me apologize for going AWOL on you. I have just undergone what I thought would be a minor surgical procedure only to find that it impacted me in a major way. The surgery went fine, and I am doing well, but the impact was on my weight-loss. Last week I really went off the rails and ate what I shouldn’t have and didn’t exercise, gaining a pound. And this week is a repeat. When I get anxious, I eat. And while I downplayed the surgery, it was a bigger deal to me than I thought. I didn’t really understand the dangers inherent in the procedure for someone my size and for someone who has never undergone general anesthesia. Ignorance is bliss and I think if I had been more cognizant of the dangers, I may not have had it done.

Weight Watchers says that to gain a pound is normal, not to worry. What I am finding is the journey is more complex than I expected. When I started, everything was so cut and dried and clear. I did what I was supposed to do and never thought there would be anything that would interfere with my progress. You don’t know what you don’t know. Now I see that  there are many factors at play in this journey and that it may take longer than previously expected. And that’s OK. This isn’t a race, there’s no one I’m competing with. I just want the journey to be over so I can get my Ipad!

I’ve been writing for the internet and so far all the things I’ve written have been accepted by the clients. I have to write five pieces before I am evaluated and given a ranking which I hope will be four stars. That is where the bulk of the assignments are. It’s a lot of fun to write such a variety of pieces. So far I’ve written a blog post on how words hurt, a short article on romance, a piece on the attractions in the Orlando area, and a synopsis of an Australian photographer and explorer. Currently I am working on a piece about closet organizers. You never know what the assignment list will hold for you. And while I enjoy writing, I am limited in my ability to assign myself pieces to write. I need someone to give me the topic to write about. I struggle with this on this blog. I love writing for it, I just have a hard time coming up with new posts.

OK, What about if you came up with a subject you’d like to see me write about? The subject could be weight-loss or it could be about mid-life or art or books or cooking…you get the picture.

As for the recipes I am reviewing, bear with me, I’ve done one and I hope to get the review up today or tomorrow. I also have a new book series to review for you as well.


4 thoughts on “AWOL No More

    • Hi Shelley, Inspiration for me comes from many sources. A few years ago I lost a lot of weight and I am thinking back to my thin self, wanting to be thin again, and to feel good about myself as a thin person. I love to read the success stories on the Weight Watchers web site. Reading about other people’s success makes me feel like it’s possible for me too. And I get a lot of inspiration from the therapy I’m in. Since I hit 50, my views on life have changed for the better and I feel strongly that this is my time and that all things are possible. I’m inspired by this belief. I also get inspiration from this blog…having people be interested in my journey really makes me want to do this. And I really want an IPad!

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