It’s All About Balance

For decades, I lived an imbalanced life. All work and no play. The result was something less than success. It wasn’t until recently that I learned and took to heart the need for balance in life. I still struggle with this and the proof of that is this blog as of late. I wrote about how I had started to write for an online content provider. It’s going well, I am meeting the goals I have set for myself. Except for the goal of balance. I have focused all my energy and creativity on this project, and the blog has suffered for it. Shame on me.

My weight-loss has also suffered this lack of balance. In the beginning, I lost weight steadily. I balanced my exercise, food, and life activities and this balance takes time, action, and energy. I have not been devoting any of these thing in any tangible way towards my weight-loss. The numbers are reflecting this. I’ve fluctuated up and down for the past several weeks, but basically have stayed at 37 pounds lost. I’m tired of this number. It’s time for balance again.

So, today I resume walking. I have a new pedometer for this (the old one fell to the floor and was not accurate afterwards). I will make my convenience food tomorrow and Saturday for the upcoming week. I will walk daily for a minimum of one mile, but ultimately working up to three miles. Then I can do 5k walks for charity which has been a recurring goal for me. I will track my food and activity for all meals and days.

I have an addictive personality and when I find something good, I can easily go all in and take part of that thing till I am over-saturated. Major imbalance  resulting in burn out. That’s what happened in my prior career. I won’t let that happen today.  I have relationships that matter to me now with family, friends, co-workers and this blog. Imbalance jeopardizes them. They suffer from inattention. I value my weight-loss. Inattention or distracted attention translates to less weight-loss at a slower pace. Not acceptable. Imbalance means I’m not organized and I have to be to juggle work and personal life. I have an upcoming work project that will take me out of my home for three weeks. Good money, but the potential for major imbalance. Planning and an eye to balance will make this project work and be a win-win situation.

So, my apologies for being AWOL. We all can learn from the reminder to be balanced in all aspects of your life.


5 thoughts on “It’s All About Balance

  1. “When we make connections between our thoughts and behaviors, and where we are headed in life, we can begin to discover the path to take… mindfully appreciate the importance of being kind, healthy and true to yourself.” A quote from the e-book I’m writing (a work inprogress) that seemed to fit what you are saying. I wish you all the best on finding your balance and realizing your dreams.

  2. I can totally relate to an addictive personality and over saturation, and imbalance! I think I must live by “you can’t have to much of a good thing”! I wish you well on your balanced journey!

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