I’ve previously mentioned my new writing gig, and last week I took on the biggest assignment to date. Never one to take the easy route, I said “Of course I can do this! I know all about positivity and job searches…” and so I commenced upon the assignment from hell.  It took double the time it should have taken due to several factors. One was the problems I had saving the article…or not saving as the case may be. I ‘ll be looking into back-up programs now.  Then there were limitations placed on the article by the client which made it challenging to write and the length of the article was a factor as well. The client accepted the article without re-writes, gave me an excellent rating and left a note that said “Great job”. I’m stoked. I thought I would have to do re-writes and it isn’t mandatory for a client to rate your article or give a message.

Now, as far as my weight loss goes…I re-joined a gym near my house. It isn’t expensive like most gyms are.I plan to go in the morning five days a week. I’ll work up to the five days. as I don’t think setting that goal from the get-go is a great idea. Kinda seems unrealistic. And as far as my numbers go, well, I have a confession; I have gained weight. But, I’m back on track as of yesterday, so I should start losing again this week. I never expected this level of struggle when I started out. But, it is what it is. Food, emotional eating and exercise are complicated for me. I honestly thought I had beat emotional eating when I found Weight Watchers. But I was very wrong. I thought I had filled the hole inside me that food was trying to fill, but not so. I’ve made headway, but I haven’t solved the problem. I’m not sure it can be solved once and for all. I think it maybe a lifelong issue, dealt with one day at a time.

When you set goals for yourself, you have to break them down into manageable steps. Then the accomplishment of those smaller steps creates the positive momentum towards the bigger goal. And accomplishment of the smaller goals needs to be celebrated. This is how I started out and it is something I need to resume doing. I have to push the negative out of this journey by surrounding myself with positives. Everyday should contain triumphs. There is no accomplishment too small as to not be celebrated. So, this new goal is:

Join Planet Fitness – Done

Workout 20 minutes on Monday 5/7 doing the elliptical machine – DONE! Yaaahhh!

Tomorrow: 20 minutes on elliptical and 10 minutes weight machines.

Not sure what I’ll do to celebrate todays victories. I’ll think of something!



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