A Little of This, A Little of That

A stack of Nabisco Graham Crackers.

A stack of Nabisco Graham Crackers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Weight Loss Tip:

Two snack ideas:1. Freeze grapes  2. Take two graham crackers and use cool whip as a filling. Freeze for an “Ice cream sandwich”

Writing and Art:

This day has been about research about writing. Not a lot of actual writing going on, but the day is not over yet, I say with hope. As for my art classes, I am now doing two pictures at once, breaking my “rule” of finishing one thing before starting a new thing. The first picture is a tree with mushrooms growing out of its bark. The picture is from a blog calles Patterns Of Nature. It’s being done in pen and ink (new for me) and colored pencil. There is a lot of tree bark and it gets monotonous to work on, so my teacher said to start another one and work both of them. The new one is a lobster shack on the beach in Cape Cod. It too is a pen and ink with colored pencil. I know artists publish pictures of their work unfinished, but I am not comfortable with that at this stage of the game. Maybe down the road I’ll take some pics.

The Essay:

As for my essay, I am having people read it and am gathering input and critiques. I’ll make revisions as necessary, then I’ll leave it be for a month and go back to it to see how it looks then. I have the time, so I might as well use it. So far the response has been good. It elicits a strong reaction in some, and a favorable reaction from all so far. I just wish I could put it on this blog, but I can’t. It would then be considered published and it has to be unpublished. (I may have mentioned this in a previous post).


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