The weekly facts of loss 37.4

I’ve not been receiving much feedback  as of late about my weight loss stats and I think it’s because I’ve been including the information in posts that are not written exclusively about the loss. So, I’ll post about the actual weight loss by itself from now on.

I had done well, losing 37 lbs, then I plateaued, then I gained, then I went off plan for a few weeks because I was depressed over my results, then I went back on plan and within three weeks was back at 37 lb weight loss. Today, my stats are: 2 lbs lost (My Goal for the Week!) 19 activity points and four days at the gym on elliptical.

I am still struggling with the exercise. Some days I can go 50 minutes on the elliptical, other days 30 is my limit. Very frustrating.

I wrote of a new hero last week,  (Lynn’sWeigh) Lynn is struggling with gaining back some of the weight she lost. It shows me that it is a constant battle to keep the weight off, even after you reach your goal. Even if you go public in a big way, that added pressure doesn’t save you from stumbling. I feel better about my back slide now. If I go through one or two or however many back slides now, maybe I won’t go through so many after I reach goal? I can only hope and keep working the plan.

Goals for this week: 2 lbs, four – five times at the gym 40 minutes minimum. Begin with weights.



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