The Weekly Facts of Loss – 38.2Lbs

The Stats: Weigh-in shows a loss of 1.8lbs, bringing me over the plateau of 37 lbs that I’ve been at for so long!

The weekly recap:

This past week has been an OK one, not great, but OK. I made it to the fifty minute mark on the elliptical, which was a goal. Didn’t make it to sixty minutes, but I will soon, maybe next week. I would like to reach four days minimum working out, this week was two. That is why the loss is so little.

I don’t know why I keep slacking on the gym. I know intellectually that I need to go every day, but I allow things to deter me from going. Maybe the new blogs I found this week will help keep me on track next week. The inspiration coming from other people’s accomplishments fueling my work and helping me to stay on track.

I wonder why I am hesitant to really buckle down and work out like I should. Is there an underlying reason this keeps happening? The reason that crosses my mind is the same reason I regained my weight the last time I lost. I wasn’t ready in my head to be thin. Could this be playing out again now? I’ll think about this some more and see if it’s what is happening.

Weight loss blogs:

I went looking for weight-loss blogs this week. I found quite a few and I’ll be featuring them here in the coming weeks.

This week’s blog is Who Ate My Blog.

Steven Vinson was 632 pounds and has lost over three hundred pounds, bringing him close to his weight goal. I don’t like his food choices, but they are working for him, and that’s the important thing. Each person must find what works for them and stick with that.

Tip for the week:

Fresh pear or Gala apple, sliced and topped with light Laughing Cow Blue or chipolte cheese (35 calories a wedge) Point value:1!  Delicious!

Feel good moments this week:

I was at work, waiting on a customer who really wasn’t in the mood to interact, but she looked up from her purse and said that I looked thinner. I told her I was just over 37 pounds and she brightened right up and complimented me on my accomplishment so far. We chatted a bit and I felt really good. She hadn’t seen me in a very long time, and she wasn’t trying to make me feel good. But she did.

The other feel good moment happened when I was with my mom when she was buying a car. The salesperson hadn’t seen me in a while and when we walked outside, she pointed out how good I look now. (Wait till she sees me next year!)

Remember, if you see someone and like how they look, pay them a compliment. You never know what   kind of impact it may have for the other person. It will be a feel good moment for you as well.

Goals for this coming week:

Hit the gym 4x, going for 50 minutes each day on the elliptical or the treadmill, and doing weights two days.

Tracking better

Cooking this week.


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