Synchronicity, I was just talking to someone at work about this workout and I was going to look into it. This just makes me want to go to Walmart and get one today. Definitely on my to do list.


Last year I wrote an article entitled 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Kettlebells that received a lot of attention. At the time, I had only been swinging the bells for a month or so and was very much a kettlebell-rookie. But ten months later, and a couple thousand “snatches”,”lunges”,”get-ups” and “oh-my-goodness-these-are-hard-ups” under my belt, I still stand by my original statement. So here are four more reasons why kettlebells might not be for you…

1. Kettlebells are Open-Source

Lets face it – “old” fitness is dead. We’re in Web 2.0 and World 2.0. People are talking and sharing like never before, and finding out what real fitness is all about. What works spreads like a virus and what doesn’t work dies off in a few mouse clicks. And that is why Kettlebells, CrossFit and mixed-martial-arts (MMA) are thriving. Now “success” isn’t determined by how big your muscles are or how many hours you…

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