The Lobster Shack Drawing – WIP

Fence post sketch

I am excited about my newest drawing which does not have a proper name, so Lobster Shack is it’s working name. It’s a pen and ink and colored pencil piece. This piece is all me, none of my teacher is in it, which I am very proud of. My drawings take a long time, so I will post the WIP pictures as I progress, but don’t expect the finished project to be done quickly. I’m just not that fast.

Fence and shack and lobster trap

Shack and lobster trap

6 thoughts on “The Lobster Shack Drawing – WIP

    • Why thank you! My teacher is amazing. I never knew I could draw. She has brought me to this level in a little over a years time and drawing for only a few hours a week. She is retirednow, and teaches two students. I’m one of them. It’s a priviledge to work with her. Everyone should have a mentor and teacher like her.

  1. You have a very good talent! Good luck with your weight loss! I am still researching for for an alternative to surgery; still researching on this Roca Labs that I found in youtube… Can’t do surgery, costly and so complicated, some people even die within 30 days after operation, basing on research.

    • Thank you so much!

      I had looked into surgery as well, and I didn’t have it done because at the information meeting they said if you eat carbs and sweets The surgery won’t work. I love both carbs and sweets, so I didn’t have it done. They said it was because the carbs and sweets didn’t take up much room in the stomach so the smaller stomach doesn’t really help. Saved me thousands of dollars.

      Have you tried Weight Watchers? The plan really works and is easy to follow. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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