Maggie Newberry Series – Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Little Death By The Sea Death by the Sea (Maggie Newberry Mysteries)

Meet Maggie Newberry, and Laurant Dernier and France…This will make you want to go to France and see for yourself if it’s as magical as she describes. There is a mystery to be solved involving a sister, a child and two countries. The story builds slowly, then has twists and result in a thoroughly enjoyable read that leaves you curious for more.

Toujours Dead Dead

Maggie and Laurant in France…an inheritance, a murder 40 years ago, a murder today, and the lovely Provence countryside weave a compelling tale that leaves you wanting more. Excellent storytelling and character development. This one makes you want to move to France for a year…the food, the countryside…it sounds absolutely wonderful…

Murder In Provence in Provence (Maggie Newberry Mysteries)

Maggie and Laurant endure and become entangled in another murder in Provence…I never saw the twists in this plot coming, it was thoroughly enjoyable and leaves you hungry for more. And the food continues, and the quaint village life continues, you truly do want to see if it’s as she writes it.


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