The Weekly Facts of Loss ?lbs


Old Scale…Being Replaced today

 The Stats:

I ate well last week, and even though I got to the gym twice instead of four times like I’d planned, there is no way I gained the four lbs the scale said I’d gained. There is no way. So, today I get a new scale. The scale I’m using wasn’t very expensive and I think it’s shot for whatever reason. I will weigh in on Monday with the new scale.

The weekly recap:

This week I made it to the gym four times which was my goal. I attended a class on working out and I learned more about the elliptical machine. I now know how to maximize my efforts on it.  I seem to be stuck at thirty minutes of cardio. I won’t obsess about this plateau. I will not push myself too hard at this weight. As I get thinner, then yeah, I’ll push myself harder.

Food was ok this week. I ate lots more fruit and vegetables and I’ve been eating a lot of my lentil stew. I discovered a new favorite food. It’s Lean Cuisine ‘s Spring rolls. They are so good and are 5 points per serving of three rolls.  I’ve been eating them for breakfast with fresh tomatoes and fruit. Yum!

Weight loss blogs:

This week’s blog is Diary of an Aspiring Loser

Michelle lives in the San Francisco area and has lost seventy-five pounds, had two babies and is back to losing and getting fit. I like her drive, her realistic life (she goes out to eat from time to time, and she’s juggling a busy life) and I am inspired by her participation in training for triathlons. She was voted one of the ten best weight loss blogs to follow.

Tip for the week:

Drinking water is essential to losing weight. I have a hard time drinking plain water. But when I use drink powders I have no problem reaching the goals for consumption. I am quite specific as to the brand and flavor I use. It is the least “perfumy” of the powders. Ocean Spray White Cranberry Peach is my brand and flavor.

Feel good moments this week:

Non weight loss related this week, I am working on a pen and ink drawing of a New England beach scene and it’s turning out great. There is none of my teacher in this drawing, it’s all me. I can’t believe I can actually do this drawing and have it come out ok. It is truly an empowering realization. I’ll have pictures of it this coming week, stay tuned!

Goals for this coming week:

Hit the gym 4x, going for 30minutes each day on the elliptical or the treadmill, and doing weights two days.

Tracking better

Cooking this week.


I think this is a great article. She makes great points about a current debate. I’m pro Kindle all the way. What about you?

Cristian Mihai

There are two types of people in the world: those who realize that this world is constantly reinventing itself and are usually capable of recognizing the new directions in which the world is headed, and those who can’t.

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Synchronicity, I was just talking to someone at work about this workout and I was going to look into it. This just makes me want to go to Walmart and get one today. Definitely on my to do list.


Last year I wrote an article entitled 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Kettlebells that received a lot of attention. At the time, I had only been swinging the bells for a month or so and was very much a kettlebell-rookie. But ten months later, and a couple thousand “snatches”,”lunges”,”get-ups” and “oh-my-goodness-these-are-hard-ups” under my belt, I still stand by my original statement. So here are four more reasons why kettlebells might not be for you…

1. Kettlebells are Open-Source

Lets face it – “old” fitness is dead. We’re in Web 2.0 and World 2.0. People are talking and sharing like never before, and finding out what real fitness is all about. What works spreads like a virus and what doesn’t work dies off in a few mouse clicks. And that is why Kettlebells, CrossFit and mixed-martial-arts (MMA) are thriving. Now “success” isn’t determined by how big your muscles are or how many hours you…

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I’ve been watching this Canadian painter grow and develop and she is launching her career as a fine artist. She is self-taught and extremely talented and will be selling her work and prints soon. Follow her and watch the magic happen.

Pencils, Paints & Pixels

Two of my apple blossom paintings have been purchased by the Mayor of the City of Kawartha Lakes to be presented to the Mayor of Nayoro, Japan as a gift to be displayed in their city hall.

Lindsay, Ontario has been twinned with Nayoro, Japan for years and a number of students have taken advantage of the opportunity to go to Japan on an exchange, living with a family for a number of months.

Mayor Ric McGee has purchased two of my apple blossom paintings as a gift for the Japanese delegation with the intent that they be displayed at City Hall in Nayoro. The photos the paintings were based on were taken of the apple trees at City Hall in Lindsay in the spring when they were beautifully in bloom.

It is a great honour for me to have my work given as a gift of such importance. I…

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My First… (What were you thinking?) Cat.

I had always considered myself a dog person. My co-worker Angie was hell-bent on my adopting a cat. We debated for the afternoon, with no consensus. I was on the fence. Another heartbeat in my apartment would be nice, but a cat? You don’t know what you don’t know. I didn’t know cats.

I arrived at my apartment complex after the sun had set. I made my way to the mailbox station and I heard the distinct sound of a cat’s meow. It sounded sad. It sounded nearby. I looked out into the shadows and I saw two pencil thin white lines moving. They were the front paws of the thinnest cat I had ever seen. She meowed again and stopped. We looked at each other. I instinctively reached out to her. She came to me and meowed again. She wasn’t sad as much as hungry. She was beautiful, white with black spots and a spot on her nose.

I ran up to my apartment and brought down a can of tuna. I put it in the bushes for this poor, pathetic animal. I went home. The next day, I told Angie about my encounter with the stray. “THAT’S YOUR CAT!” screamed Angie. I stopped mid-sentence. “You’ve got to be kidding. She’s a wild cat who’s starving. She’s not My Cat” I said, defensively. “No, you don’t understand, cats don’t come to people easily when they are feral. They shy away from people. This cat has picked you out as her person. We have to get her tonight.” Now Angie is a force of nature and what she says will happen, happens. So I found myself looking for this elusive cat that night with Angie who was experienced at catching strays.

There she was. Unlike the night before, she ran away, Angie and I frantically trying to keep up with her. We split apart, each going a separate way around the apartment building. Angie yelled at me, “I’ve got her!” She turned the corner with the little white cat squirming in her arms and her fur was flying in clumps. “Why is her fur flying off her?” I asked. “It’s what cats do when they are really scared” she replied, struggling to hold her.

We took her up to my apartment, I felt unsure about a wild cat running loose in the small space, who knows what diseases she could have. We put her in the bathroom and closed the door. I made plans with Angie to take her to the vet the next day and get her checked out. Angie said “It’s wonderful to be owned by a cat, you’ll see!” I sat in the living room, amazed at what we had accomplished and feeling anxious about the entire unknown wild cat in my house situation.

About an hour later, the bathroom door opened and out came the scrawny white cat who then ran onto my lap and she lay down. I was so surprised, I didn’t move. Was this the same cat I had chased downstairs? She was purring loudly as she lay quietly on my lap. How had she opened the door? The mystery would always remain. Transformed into the picture of domestic bliss; we stayed on the couch for hours. I forgot my caution regarding potential disease, she was purring, she was sleeping, she was on my lap. I knew then Angie was right, I had been chosen to be owned by this particular cat. I named her Smudge and realized at that moment that I was a cat person after all.

I absolutely love this painting…It’s by one of my favorite artists. Enjoy!

Pencils, Paints & Pixels

It’s finished! This evening I finished the final section of the split rail fence painting and I’m so happy. This day has certainly been a long time coming.

I need to paint the edges black and I may go back in and touch up something if it catches my eye and bothers me. As with all my paintings I will leave it for a few days before I sign it. Then I’ll be taking it to be photographed….hopefully before I enter it into The Lindsay Gallery Juried Show. I have to put in my application next week and then drop my paintings off on June 25. I can enter two pieces so I will also be submitting the Muskoka Chairs which I have called “Always Room for Friends”.

Right now though I’m going to celebrate my accomplishment with a glass of wine. Cheers to you – for keeping me going…

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