The Weekly Facts of Loss – 34.6 pounds

Weekly Recap

It has been a productive week; I have found “my” Weight Watchers meeting at 8:45am on Thursdays. Despite not working out much, I lost 1.2 lbs, so I’m happy.  The meeting is very interactive and upbeat. I loved the leader and the atmosphere she created.  After this little triumph of losing a pound, I am re-energized for the process. Still looking for a work out buddy. WW leader thinks I should be able to find one in the Thursday group. I am hopeful.

The Olympics is dominating my schedule. I can’t get enough of it. Instead of motivating me to move myself, I am sedentary watching the play by play and marveling at the accomplishments of the athletes. Normally, my TV is kinda background noise to my activities, but not so with the Games. I am focused watching them to the exclusion of all other activities. I can’t even work on my drawing while the Games are on.  Writing is hard as I can’t think up anything new to say because of the distraction. Good thing this event will be over in a week.

Tip of the Week

Kashi Peanutty Dark Chocolate Granola Bars. 3 points and the chocolate is really rich. They aren’t as sweet as the other bars on the market because they don’t use high fructose corn syrup.  They are more expensive than the more popular brands, but I think they are worth it for occasional treats.

Featured Blog

It Sux To Be Fat I really like this site. She’s on Weight Watchers as well. Well written and interesting.

Plan for the Week

Try to move more. I won’t put down how many days because I just want to move more. When I say 4x or whatever number and I don’t do it, I feel bad, and I don’t feel motivated, just defeated. So for this goal, I will be vague and see if it results in more movement.

Continue eating the way I have been. It’s working. But I do want to watch my portions more. I’m kinda lax about that. If I tighten up, then maybe I’ll get better numbers next week.





Weekly Facts of Loss – Something New

Weight Watchers company logo

Weight Watchers company logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that my weigh in day is Sunday. That is changing. I am pleased to say I have joined the Weight Watchers Meeting in my area and my weigh in day will be changing till I find “my meeting”. It will be during the week, I know that much.

So, I did it, I’m now on a monthly pass which provides you access to the weekly meeting and the online tools. This is a big step, I was holed up in my house, accountable only to myself and to a reader like you. I had limited input on new techniques and suggestions. I had no chance of finding an exercise buddy.

Meetings get me out of the house and in a way, out of my own head. When you are an introspective person like I am, and you are a loner, it’s important to put yourself in social situations and get out of your own little world.

My short term goals are two-fold. One is lose five lbs during the next couple of weeks, and second is to start looking for a workout buddy.

Tip For The Week:

One thing I got from today’s meeting is trigger foods. If a food is a trigger food for you, then it can’t be in the house. I keep trigger foods, saying to myself I will portion my servings out so I can have a little of the sweet or salty snack. Well, I can’t do that. I always eat more than I should and they are a temptation.So, no snacks for awhile till I get back on track. Fruit instead.

Thank you for following me through this rocky impasse. I think I’m on track again.



I Can See Clearly – Now Sometimes

My eye

My eye (Photo credit: neuroticcamel)

Sometimes you don’t know how broken something is until you fix it. This was the case with my eyesight. I’ve always worn glasses and I generally get my eyes checked regularly, but I hadn’t gone for a long, long, time until recently, when I had a difficult time reading print books and licenses at work. I thought my eyes were just getting old, and that I was having a normal problem reading. But after I had a thorough exam and bought new glasses, I saw how broken my vision was. Now I can read the numbers on licenses and the fine print on signs at work. I can read paperback books again, the type no longer blurry. I no longer feel like my sight is aging too fast. My eyes had been open to a new perspective.

As I struggle with my weight loss, I am seeing the journey with new eyes. I used to look at the numbers of other weight watchers and I would think “It’s taken you how long to lose how much?” Too long for too little an amount of weight. I am one of those people I looked down upon not long ago. There’s more to this struggle than just eating less and moving more. A lifetime of hiding in food and fat cannot be overcome in a few months. There’s a lot of reprogramming that needs to go on. Old fears and beliefs, old habits all make for a powerful pull to not lose and stay the same, even though the same weight means unhappy and unhealthy.

Finding a new way to relate to food is really hard. Very necessary but a challenge that leaves me drained and seeking familiar solace in a box of cookies. I haven’t found my magic bullet that affords me the same comfort level sans food. Reading, writing, working and my art all provide a great deal of satisfaction, but they don’t take the place of food. Nothing has done that yet. I wonder if I will ever find the answer?

What are your thoughts? Do you struggle with this?


Weekly Facts Of Loss -.8

The Stats: Weigh-in shows a loss of .8lbs, not a lot, but considering I didn’t work out, it’s a good thing.

The weekly recap:

This week was a wash due to a medical problem I had which caused me to not be able to work out.  Then I had a migraine on Saturday. Let’s hope this next week is better!

Weight loss blogs:

This week’s blog is Danicas Daily She is using Weight Watchers and the blog is a window into her usage of the program. She’s opting for using the Simply Filling foods so she gets the most bang for her points buck. Refreshing slant and very upbeat.

Tip for the week:

First tip: I made  Grammy’s Chicken, Broccoli and Rice Soup with turkey stock and ground turkey meat. I like it better than when it’s made with chicken.

Second tip: I am on a learning curve with these blogs. I haven’t been checking the spam filter like I should (and will from now on) so I found lots of legitimate comments that went there by accident. So, check your spam folders each day for blog traffic!

Feel good moments this week:

I got my new glasses a week earlier than expected and I am so happy. I can see again! I was having trouble reading, and now, no trouble at all. And I got the anti-glare feature and it really helps with nighttime driving. They look better than my old pair. A picture is coming after I get my hair cut next week.

 Goals for this coming week:

Hit the gym 3x, going for 40 minutes each day on the elliptical, and doing weights three days.

Hair Cut

Take picture and post it

Tracking better

Cooking this week. Use slow cooker.

Blog post

Menu Labeling – Do You Want To Know?


Information (Photo credit: heathbrandon)

Dave Kirchoff (CEO of Weight Watchers) presents the argument to label calorie counts in restaurants as part of Obamacare. I did not know this component existed in the new law. Personally I would welcome the information. When I go out, I am guessing at the choices I make. Who knows what the calorie count or in my case point value of a selection is? This information will make us smarter consumers.

There are many people who won’t be influenced by the information. These are the same people who don’t read food package labeling. They blindly eat what they want, consequences be damned. More power to them. There are a lot of people who do read package labels and make sound food choices based on that information. Shouldn’t that information be made available in the area where Americans go so far off course of eating healthy?

There is a city ordinance in New York City requiring restaurants to provide this information and I say it’s about time. What may seem like an innocuous selection could be disastrous to your daily calorie intake. Smart people want information. Smart people make informed choices.

What do you think? Do you want restaurants to label the calorie count of their food?

The Weekly Facts of Loss: +1

 The Stats: Weigh-in shows a gain of 1 lb, a disappointment but not a surprise. Last week I stayed the same. I did get a new scale and indeed the first scale was off substantially.  The new scale cost less and is more accurate.

The weekly recap:

This week was a wash out. I didn’t do enough exercise, and I ate a lot of cookies in a moment of weakness. I have to admit I thought about not telling you this, just committing the sin of omission. But I can’t do that. I am being honest with myself and with you. I am showing you the ugliness of the struggle to change.  And it is a daily struggle.

I went to the gym 3x, but 2x were just for 30 minutes. I have to do at least 40 minutes and by now should be up to an hour. Again, it is a struggle.

Weight loss blogs:

This week is Living, Laughing, and Losing by Kim Cashin. I like her writing style and her attitude. And she likes cats, so that’s a plus as well. She has really good pics of herself (something I am planning for myself). She’s young (OK I admit it, almost everyone is starting to look like a youngin’ to me lately. A definite sign I’m “Mature”), with youthful exuberance which comes across in her writing. Her blog is a pleasure to follow.

Tip for the week:

No weight-loss tip this week, but a reminder that I have split this blog into two. This is the weight-loss journey.  My writing journey is Monique Egelhoff – Writer. That is where my essays are now and where I am featuring information on writing and the writing life. My art will continue on both blogs. I hope you will follow both blogs!

Feel good moments this week:

Started my makeover this week by going to the eye doctor and getting an exam (very long overdue, I’m embarrassed to say.) I then went to Visionworks for eyeglasses. Found a great new pair and got them half off so I could get the transitions lenses which I never could afford in the past. There’s more to the makeover to come so I won’t be taking pictures till later in July. But seeing the new glasses made me feel pretty good.

Goals for this coming week:

Hit the gym 4x, going for 40 minutes each day on the elliptical, and doing weights three days.

Tracking better

Cooking this week.

Blog post


How Do You Lose A Person (Reblogged)

Here is a post I blogged in January. I thought I would reblog it for my new followers, and to give me a shot of motivation. I did lose six pounds this week so I’m back to being motivated. This is for all who are contemplating weight-loss.

Why do you want to lose weight?

Stop and think about this simple question. Until you can answer this truthfully and passionately you will forever say “I have to lose weight”  and never do anything about it. When you consistently say you want to do something, then you don’t do it, it works on lowering your self-esteem. You feel less than because you are heavy, you feel less-than because you aren’t doing anything about it. You are in a bad place, and you might not know what to do about it. It seems to be an insurmountable dream.

If you read what’s out there about motivation, (and there are lots out there) you will find the information boils down to one main point: If you wait till you feel like doing something, you may never do anything. Sometimes, you have to take action first, then the motivation to go on comes afterward.  That’s what I did, without knowing it was what I was supposed to do to get out of a bad situation. I decided that I would give Weight Watchers Online a try, and went through the motions of starting the plan. I made it through my first meal, and felt a sense of accomplishment, and no hunger. Second meal, same result, Dinner and I realized what I had done; an entire day according to plan. And low and behold, I wanted to do more the next day and the day after that. If I had waited for the motivation, I would still be gaining weight and feeling badly about myself.

Reading more about motivation and attaining goals, I found the  following:

  • Be clear about your one goal and make it measurable
  • Break down the goal into smaller steps that are again, measurable
  • Go public with your plan – nobody wants to fail publicly
  • Read about what you’re doing – learn more about it
  • Find support with someone who will hold you accountable
  • Reward yourself when you reach milestones (don’t go out to eat as a reward please)
  • Make the goal exciting and then feel the excitement along the way as you hit your milestones

In my case, I :

  • Want to lose a person (150 lbs)
  • Want to fit into my extensive “skinny” wardrobe
  • Want to get an Ipad
  • Want to get off cholesterol meds
  • Want to sleep without GIRD and sleep apnea
  • Want to exercise six days a week for an hour at a time

OK, great list, but not concise, not measurable, and too lofty.  But, there is excitement. A good start.

  • Lose 150 lbs in 30 lb increments, losing an average of 2 lbs a week ,weighing myself once a week on Sundays
  • Get an outfit one size smaller to fit into (I raided my sisters wardrobe, but why not a consignment shop?) And when that is achieved get another outfit, etc
  • Start a savings account for the Ipad
  • Get a pedometer and see how much I walk a day, try for 10 minutes sustained activity, then 20 minutes, then 30 minutes till you reach an hour one day. Then build time again for day two, and so on. 10 minutes at a time.
  • Plan meals ahead of time, buying whats on sale and cooking interesting recipes
  • Get regular check-ups with Doctor

There’s motivation built into the plan. With a plan like this, accomplishments are a daily occurrence and they build on each other. And the results Started to show in the first week (11lbs) and each week since. And I am excited, and passionate, and you guessed it, MOTIVATED!

So, don’t wait till you’re ready, jump in and just start to do something, like joining Weight Watchers, or whatever plan you think will work for you. Then take the next small step, then the next, and you too will be on your way to losing that weight you’ve wanted to get rid of for years. You will lose pounds and gain self esteem and motivation that will carry you through till you reach your goals.